Apply Family Visa Online in Saudi Arabia

  1. first,  you’re open and write in the search bar “MOI KSA” abbreviation of “Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia”
  2. Go to MOI website “Ministry of Interior”  see below picture

3. after open website Now Go to “eServices” Tabe. after click eServices website showing the left side Expatriates Affairs” tab see below picture


4. if you are already Paying visa fees in Saudi Riyal SR2000 to MOI (Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia) account by any ATM or from your online internet banking account.

5. Login to MOI (Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia) website with your Abshir account, Then go to E-Service and select “Expatriate Affairs” from the left menu on e-services tab.

Note: you are interested in creating new account follow this screen shot otherwise Login at MOI and process next steps.

6. Now click here at Family Visa Services 


7. Now study all terms and conditions on this page. It appears before you continue, and then click “New Family Visa Application”

8. Your Details should already in MOI database and show you in this screen.

9. Put you family’s details: all information put this page must be the need passport mentioned the detail

  • Your Nationality: As per mentioned at Passport
  • Age: As per mentioned at Passport
  • Religion: As per mentioned at Passport
  • Relationship with family: Wife / Son or Daughter
  • Port of Boarding: mentioned you family “where fly from the airport for example if you are going to Lahore Pakistan mentioned “Allama Iqbal International Airport” if you are your family fly from Karachi mentioned “Jinnah International Airport Karachi” or port in case they are coming by ship.

10. If you have more dependents, then click on “Add New Dependent” repeat the above process, until you have added all members.

11. Now click here, “Submit Family Visa”

  • Now ready your application for print,  Click here at, “Print Application” and this application signed and stamped.
  • now try to complete this process in 30 Days after 30 days application is expired and you apply again with this process.

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