CentOS Configuration and Setting Up Linux SAMBA

Setting Up Linux SAMBA server and configuration CentOS 6.2

Setting Up Linux SAMBA server and configuration CentOS 6.2

In this lab we will set up a Linux SAMBA server and configure it for access from both Linux and Windows clients. Dealing with CentOS 6.2 & Vmware.
Boot your Windows client and DC. If you are using VMware Workstation: Copy the VMware CentOS 6.2 image from the classroom computer to your external hard drive. Open it in VMWare Workstation (File -> Open -> browse to location where you copied the files). The root password for this VM is pa$$w0rd. If you are using the Sandbox, set up a new VM in the same vApp as your Windows Server 2008 domain controller. Install a new CentOS VM from the CentOS DVD images. Make the root password pa$$w0rd.
& the we Setup this machine up as a SAMBA server.
It Should Be Noted Where In: /etc/samba/smb.conf should change “fots” with their <username>:
[global] …
map archive = no
change notify = yes
[<username>] comment = <username> Files
path = /home/<username>
guest ok = no
browseable = yes
writable = yes
create mask = 0664
directory mask = 0775
Also make sure your VM is using a ‘bridged’ connection instead of NAT. This will ensure the VM is connected to the same network as the hostOS.

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