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Facebook Data Scraper

Marhaba Facebook Data Scraper is one of the first Facebook data scraper in Pakistan.  Facebook Data Scraper Online software for collect friends data, groups data, Posts Data, Place, Group, User, Event, number of followers, number of following, website and contact detail.. After Extracting Facebook data Marhaba Directory Facebook Scraper Allow Download Excel file or CVS file for all data save your computer. Facebook Data Scraper is powerful tool use for extract data for Marketing purpose, that help you scrape data from the most powerful platform Facebook. you can also scrap Email Address, Contact Location Address, Phone Number and Cell Number from Facebook group/pages members and user data, it is 100% Facebook verified real user emails Address. Take a look at the most powerful marketing tools at one app, Now ready for free use this tool at Marhaba Directory. Search up to 1000 results using keywords such as “Health and Care” or “Fast food Restaurants”.

facebook data scraper
facebook data scraper


Marhaba Directory Not allowed this tool for illegal use. If any one person data use for illegal purpose or for spamming Marhaba directory is not responsible this is tool use for only marketing purpose with permission Facebook user.

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