Hosting Provider is not Criminal for Pirate Sites


Federal Court of United State of America ruled that the New York-based Website Dataserver Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server provider with name Steadfast is not responsible for copyright breaking the terms of a law, as it just hosted an alleged pirate website. The judge of Federal Court talk about this is didn’t see adequate Proof to support a secondary responsibility claim.

if you are go to few month Back in 2016, Some Adult or porn publishers “Hide Name” sued several third-party including advertising network, CloudFlare and several Web hosting service providers, one of them being Steadfast. The latter asked the court to dismiss the case, arguing that it was protected by the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions and in this letter explain Steadfast is not manage and operate the pirate website and Steadfast is not communicate with any way, but only provided computer storage rental based.


In short result of this case, the Court temporary Awarded Steadfast’s motion to dismiss, due to the leave of evidence and proof to support a secondary liability claim and court decision keeps the door open for the adult entertainment publisher to file an improved complaint. Still, so far, the hosting provider is winning the copyright battle. But this is not good news for world. This is a very large excess of humanity. That is a dangerous thing for the American people.