How to install 1000 Watt Solar Panels in Pakistan

This Solar Panels System Design for Home and all Solar calculation is Estimated. we are calculate this solar system for Day and Night working method is day 7 hours consider and 2 hours batteries backup if wapda or Light off in Pakistan. 665 watt load not stop if light of day 7 hours and after 7 to 8 hours Hybrid Solar inverter shift you load automatically at wapda/lesco. all value define with Electrical formulas and system design at electrical rules. if you are interested for more Question for this system send email or contact with online chat.

Product Total Unit Watt Per Unit Total Load In Watts
Energy Savers 4 25 100
Ceiling Fans 4 100 400
LED TV 1 120 120
Mobile Charger 1 45 45
Total Load in Watts 665 Total Solar Panels Watts 1000
Hybrid Solar Inverter 2KVA Hybrid inverter use in 24Volte
Batteries Leadacid batteries 2 X 150Ahr System Design at 24 Volte
Solar System Estimated Price
Solar panels 1000 Solar Panels Availible in Market in 45 to 95 per watts
Hybrid Solar Inverter 2KVA 2KVA Solar inveter availible in pakistan market 15000 to 25000
Batteries AH (12) 150Ahr X2 Leadacid batteries avalible 9500 to 10500
Mounting Structure if your are use Angle fram, Solar fram Stucture Design aproximate 4500 to 6000
1 Electrical Distribution Box 1000 Rs Aprox DC Wire for Solar Panels 6mm DC wire 130 to 135 per Meter
4 AC Electrical Breakers 4000 Rs Aprox Electrical Insulation Tape Must 1 Red and 1 Black
Solar Panels System Estimated Cost maye vari price with market this is not fix and finel cost after this calculation check market price.
Solar panels 1000 watts Estimate price 50Rs/w 50000
Hybrid Solar Inverter 2 KVA Estimate price 17000Rs 17000
Batteries AH (12) 150 X 2 Estimate price 9500Rs 19000
Mounting Structure 1 Lot Estimate price 5500Rs 5500
1 Electrical Distribution Box 1 Estimate price 1000Rs 1000
DC Wire for Solar Panels 10 meter Estimate price 130Rs/m 1300
Electrical Insulation Tape 2 Estimate price 25Rs 50
Solar Panels Installation charges 1 Lot Estimate price 8000 8000
Electrical wiring Installation charges 1 Lot Estimate price 5500 5500
Total Amount 107,350 PKR

This is estimated rates not final rates market up down maybe change price and rate in market this all information just as knowledge. if your interested for more information contact at this email id: [email protected]

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