Internal Commands CMD Manipulation & Execution

CMD Manipulation & Execution Internal Commands:

  1. Adomain is a collection of users and resources on the network which share a mutual referenced security measures and databases & some might even have security associations with supplementary domains.

Within a domain a user’s passwords & authorizations are easier to keep record of because a domain servers have single, centralized and consolidated data base which contains information of every user, its accounts, authorizations etc. The only disadvantage of domain that requires a windows server and is quite complex to set up.

workgroup is a basically is peer to peer computing which is projected only to support employers find entities like printers and public files or folders within that group.

Advantage of the workgroup is that in a workgroup each computer is self-sustainable that means it can have its own user list or its own access control and its own resources.

A disadvantage of workgroups is that they propose very little safety separate from the basic access control apart from that no other service is offered as a means to secure data, the basic Windows share permissions are quite plain and simple they actually don’t propose any kind of rule or imperative as to what can access what or who can do or not.

  1. Internal commands: are those commands that are preloaded within the system. They’re actually directly executed by shells. Separate process is not required for each request.

External commands: are those commands which are only executed when a user requests to execute. They’re actually directly executed by kernal. Each process has an id.


I’m Using Windows 8.1, in the previous versions of windows NTLDR was used but not anymore in Vista,7,8 and 8.1 only “Bootmgr” is used. So that’s the very first file used in Pre-booting and booting. It’s located in the system drive where your OS is installed i.e. “C:\”.

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